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Published by Nitrome, Bad Ice Cream is a Platform video game which brings in a very exciting gameplay. The game has been receiving good reviews from hundreds of trusted sources and thousands of players around the world. If you are interested in this video game just like us, let’s find it out together now!

About game:

In this adorable video game Bad Ice Cream, you are able to dress yourself into one of three different ice cream flavors which includes Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry. No matter what flavor you choose, the sweet gameplay of Bad Ice Cream will take your mind straight to heaven while your physical body is still sitting behind the screen. If you love competing against your friends, then you can invite your friends to come and play with you in the 2 player mode. If you don’t, you can immediately step in the game through the single player mode.

Mode in Bad Ice Cream

Mode in Bad Ice Cream 

Bad Ice Cream requires you to accomplish all forty levels of the game to claim your victory. Playing as an ice cream troop, you are able to move around the ice world of Bad Ice Cream and either shoot or release ice blocks. The game also spreads fruits all around the playground and orders you to collect them all to earn scores and accomplish the level’s mission. You also have to face some enemies as Bad Ice Cream brings in the green evil creatures that are willing to run across and destroy you. The more time you spend with Bad Ice Cream, the more you will love this game.

The game serves the similar gameplay to the legendary Pacman, this encourage the fact that everyone will love to play it at least for once. Even more, Bad Ice Cream will bring you back to your childhood with the Bit Graphics and super Smooth Controls. You can’t find a game out there that brings many good elements at once just like Bad Ice Cream. Do you like sweet foods too? Let’s start the gameplay of Bad Ice Cream, now!

Bad Ice Cream Unblocked:

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How to play:

Player 1:  Move with arrow keys and press Space/Return to shoot.

Player 2:  Move with A/ W/ S/ D keys and press F key to shoot.

Press the computer Mouse left click button to make options in the game.

Tips and tricks:

Tips in Bad Ice Cream

You can try to lock the green evil creatures using the icy blocks that you are able to release.

Be careful since you might also lock yourself while trying to lock the enemies.


Bad Ice Cream is amongst the most played games on SlopeX, together with game like Run 3. Bad Ice Cream is one of our selected Arcade Games.

Bad Ice Cream Walkthrough

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