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Get On Top is a Wrestling Simulation and Platform video game which is developed by Bennett Foddy. The game is famous for its unique gameplay with very simple graphics. Playing means game costs you more than one player so you can totally invite your friend to come and play with you. Believe us, this game will be even more fun as long as you are not playing it alone. Now let’s check up on Get On Top’s gameplay very quick and see if you can win the wresting battle in it or not!

About Get On Top Game:

Oh look! Isn’t that the famous wrestling simulation video game that everyone talks about lately whose name is Get On Top? In this game, you will take either the role of the pink character or the blue one. With the help of the keyboard, the game become even more fun since the two characters have to involved themselves in a wrestling battle to decide who will “Get On Top”. Pulling and Pushing are the two main actions in this video game.

Get On Top

When one of the two characters falls down with his head leaves his body, the other one will be the winner. Isn’t it fun? Prepare yourself for one of the most addictive gameplay ever exists. The game graphics are inspired by the neon lights with bright colors. The more you will play Get On Top, the more you will want to “Get On Top”. If you aren’t confident enough to invite another player to compete against you, you can practice the game yourself and when you are good enough, you can start competing against the other players.

Get On Top counts the ratio, so after a while you and your competitor can see who is winning the match. If you love to play Get On Top, you will gain wrestling skill very quick since the game will help you nurture yourself. There are so many contents in Get On Top that awaiting you to explore them all. Let’s get right to Get On Top now!

Get On Top Unblocked:

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How to play:

Player one uses A/ W/ S/ D to move.

Player two uses Up, Down, Left, Right arrow key to move.

Tips and tricks:

The Mouse has nothing to do while you are playing the game, only the keyboard works.

Play the game in the full screen mode to experience it in the best way you can.


Get On Top is one of the all-time interesting games on SlopeX alongside games like Learn to Fly 3, Give Up Robot game and Madalin Stunt Cars 2 Unblocked. Get On Top is one of our selected Two Player Games.

Get On Top Walkthrough

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