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Give Up, Robot is a unique action game created by Matt Thorson and published by Adult Swim Games. The game is designed with 2D graphics in the theme as old video games published decades ago. Get into Give Up, Robot now to control your Disco Robot dancing from levels to levels!

About Give Up Robot 1:

Unique! That’s what you can say about Give Up, Robot, a fantastic action game you might want tocheck out this time! Differentiated from modern action games nowadays, Give Up, Robot brings us back to decades ago with its simple look and very “robot” soundtrack. Your character is a little cute robot which is obsessed with Disco music and try to dance any time he can. Give Up, Robot provides him 50 different dancing levels to try his skills and it’s time for you to help him.

Each level includes a map, a terrain that he has to get through. His way of moving is like spiderman, as he will be able to use his hook to hook onto high flat wall and swing his body.

  • In normal and short areas, you can just control him by using Left and Right arrow keys, combining with Up arrow key or X key to make him run and jump. For some high terrain where our little robot can’t jump over, he must use his hook.
  • You should find him a high wall of block, press A of Z key to throw the hook to it and swing him over.

Tips in Give Up, Robot

During the swing, you can also use the up and down arrow keys to change the length of the rope. Sometimes you will have to face dangerous situations, such as jumping from a block to another. You will have to release a hook and immediately throw another one. Since the length of your robot’s rope is limited, a slow move may make your robot fall off the screen and you will have to re-start the level.

The levels are getting harder and harder. Your robot is going to face more and more dangerous challenges on his way. Would you give him a hand and help him to satisfy his passion in Disco or ignore and let him give up? Show us your choice now in Give Up, Robot!

Give Up, Robot Unblocked

Disco music has been turned on at Give Up, Robot Unblocked game. Get your robot to the dance at https://slopex.net, an amazing gaming site for action games lovers. Move your body now with Give Up, Robot Unblocked!

How to play:

  • Left and Right arrow keys to move the robot to the left and right.
  • X or Up arrow keys to jump.
  • Z or A keys to hook.

Move your robot to the destination and get through levels.

Tips and tricks:

Sometimes to finish a level, you have to do risky moves.

Use anything given to help your robot move.


Give up, Robot is amongst the most played games on SlopeX, together with game like Bad Ice Cream, Run 3 game. Give up, Robot is one of our selected Action Games.

Give Up, Robot Walkthrough

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