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About game:

What would you do if you were in charge of a laboratory? With this amazing Platform video game named Happy Room, you will get your own answer. Serving an interesting gameplay with very thrilling story, Happy Room describes the situation of insane experiments that we can only see on Movies.

The game puts you into the role of a crazy scientist who is testing on humans. He has an army of living body and all he does is trying to cause as many damages to them as possible. IN the gameplay of Happy Room, you will see the people one by one be brought into the testing room. You are able to get access to many methods of destruction such as attacking with weapons, causing explosions using bombs and more. The game rewards you will scores and other currencies to help you upgrade your own deadly methods.

Happy Room provides remarkable graphics with stress relieving gameplay. You can take this game for fun despite the fact that the game might contains violence. Above all, Happy Room is still better than many other games fulfilled with violence out there and it is based on such great platform to help you have some fun in the best condition. Let’s start the gameplay of Happy Room now and see if you can actually be a real killer!

Happy Room Unblocked:

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How to play:

Use the left click button to make up Options in the game.

Tips and tricks:

Player should consider before taking the game since the in-game scenes might not be easy to take.

The scary sounds from the game might be a bit annoying to people that are scared of violence, mute it to protect your ears.


Happy Room is one of the most popular games on SlopeX side by side with games like Get On Top Game, Riddle School 1 and Madalin Stunt Cars 2. Happy Room is one of our selected Sandbox Games.

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