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Learn to Fly 3 is a Flying game which is developed by Light Bringer Games. The game is the sequel to Learn to Fly 2 and a part of the huge Franchise Learn to Fly. In this game, you will have chance to explore an entire new gameplay with promising elements that you cannot find in any other edition of Learn to Fly. Let’s find it out together with us!

About Learn to Fly 3 Game:

As usual, you can either start the gameplay of Learn to Fly 3 in Muted or Unmuted mode with two options offered in the title screen. One of the fresh issues in Learn to Fly 3 is the Black Market, where you can spend the cash you earn from the game. There are more than four different slots in this game so you can save your game at different progresses.

Black Market in Learn to Fly 3

Black Market in Learn to Fly 3 

Unlike its predecessor, Learn to Fly 3 brings in four game modes with unique gameplay in each one. Playing as a guest, you can get access to the Story mode, which will take you to the Penguin Nasa. From here, you will start the game from Day 1 to the upcoming bigger number marked days. While the penguins in Learn to Fly 2 aim to fly out of a window, the penguins in Learn to Fly 3 has a bigger and better ambition as they want to reach the Space and fly straight to the Moon. This sounds insane in real life but in the game world of Learn to Fly 3, where the penguins can even work like humans, nothing is possible.

You have 10$ in your account at the beginning of the game to buy a launcher, which helps you to kick off the thrilling journey from the Earth to the Moon. You can choose to upgrade your Launcher later when you earn some money from working days. Learn to Fly 3 is a very essential Flying game apart from the first two installments in the franchise of Learn to Fly with enhanced graphics and gaming elements. You should give the game a try!

Learn to Fly 3 Unblocked:

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How to play:

  • Use the Mouse cursor to control the interaction between you and the game options.
  • Press A or Left arrow key to turn left.
  • Press D or Right arrow key to turn right.
  • Press S or Down arrow key to stop the current stage,
  • Press W or Up arrow key to jump or use boosts.

Tips and tricks:

Rather than upgrading your already bought launcher, you can consider buying a new and more effective one.

If you want to restart your entire progress, just switch back to the main menu and start the game in a new slot. No need to refresh the page.


Learn to Fly 3 is one of the most popular games on SlopeX side by side with game like Give up Robot, Bad Ice Cream Unblocked. Learn to Fly 3 is one of our selected Flying Games.

Learn to Fly 3 Walkthrough

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