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About Riddle School 1:

Riddle School is an amazing Platform video game that centers on point and click, and adventure elements. In this game, you will be introduced to a bad student who was arranged to be in a special class because he teases someone. As the story progresses, the student decides to find a way out of his school because he is way to over it. What Riddle School requires you to do is helping the protagonist to decide which direction he should turn to.

You are able to interact with the objects on the screen by clicking on them. Each time you make an interaction with one object, the protagonist will reveal something about it so you can have clue on what you need to do next. The game world in Riddle School is pretty familiar to any Western school, which also have free-to-enter classes, wide lobby with lots of cabinets and specific rooms, etc. Feel free to travel in a colorful game world and work you brain hard to survive after special events.

Whenever you find out a right solution to the present puzzle the game offers, your character will pop out the phrase “That’s it”. Riddle School allows you to talk to the NPCs as well, so don’t hesitate to have conversations with different NPCs, somehow you will get the clue you are looking for. So now, if you are ready for the journey of Riddle School, let’s get started!

Riddle School Unblocked:

Riddle School Unblocked is now available at slopex.net. If you are interested in Internet games, you should check up on the entire treasure of https://slopex.net. This site has everything you need!

How to play:

Click and point to the objects in the game to interact with them.

Tips and tricks:

No need to use the keyboard, if you accidentally tap on any button, your entire gaming progress from the beginning will be restarted.

Follow the in-game Map to locate your location.


Riddle School is one of the all-time popular games on SlopeX alongside games like Plazma Burst 2 Unblocked, Return Man 2 Game and Madalin Stunt Cars 2. Riddle School is one of our selected Point and Click Games.

Riddle School Walkthrough

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