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Run 3 by Joseph Clautier is considered as one of the most addictive and trending flash games recently.

In fact, the majority of game lovers have stated that Run 3 game is an amazing running game which puts the players in a restricted zone.

The attractive element of this game lies on the endless-running gameplay with tons of tunnels, traps and a rich character system that each of them has its own personality and skills. Let's learn more about this game by following us in this article!

About Run 3 Game

What is Run 3?

Who are you, and what are you up to? Those are the questions that players are likely to ask themselves when Run 3 starts immediately, with you being the runner.

As mentioned above, Run 3 is an installment in series Run of developer Joseph Clautier. In order to learn more about him, you can visit his Twitter or LinkedIn.

As you proceed throughout the game, you will have to encounter crumbling tiles and strangely shaped piles while moving and jumping around. Players have to keep in mind that they should stay away from the abyss underneath the running surface.

In this way, you can finish every level.


This game offers a quite similar gameplay as its previous games, however, it has lots of improvements. In detail, in the previous versions of this series (Run and Run 2), you are required to stay on track without falling into the holes. However, in Run 3, you are able to jump past the black holes, but you are also capable of tilting the screen. In this way, you can choose easier tracks which do not have a lot of obstacles.

In addition to the normal holes, there are a lot of obstacles such as crumbling blocks which disappear once you step onto them.

Despite the fact that players cannot use the skater initially, you can use it later on in the Run 3 unblocked version as you progress through further levels.

Besides, you are able to unlock the unlimited mode in which you need to run an endless road. In this mode, you have to score as many points as you want.

The special thing about Run 3 game is that gravity will shift you move your directions to another side of the space. The endless box tilts, making it easy for you to overcome challenging situations.

Power cells in Run 3

Power cells in Run 3 

During Run 3 unblocked version, you will be able to collect batteries, which are also known as power cells. Hence, you can obtain more characters, including The Lizard, The Gentleman, The Skater, and so on.

Even though this game might look simple, later levels might become excessively tough if you do not use a suitable character. Besides, you need to predict the appropriate angle to solve the puzzles.

In addition, there is a lazy lizard which is always falling asleep while you are running. In that case, you will temporarily die, not to mention that the healing time is instantaneous, so you need to prepare yourself to continue the game right away.

In fact, the Run series has been released many years ago. After having gone through multiple updates, it has been improved significantly. Particularly, Run 3 contains many replayable and adorable cut-scenes.

Run 3 Unblocked

If you are a huge fan of challenging games because they give you an incredible feeling of adrenaline, then do not hesitate to try out the third version of the Run series.

Besides, there is an unblocked version of this game on our site which gives you full access to the features.

One tiny disadvantage is that the menu is bland, making it look uninteresting. Nevertheless, the game is unexpectedly addictive.

Run 3 Unblocked is one of the all-time popular games on SlopeX alongside games like Slope Game, Learn to Fly 3 and Shell Shockers. Run 3 is one of our selected Running Games.

How to Play

Run 3 unblocked version is a simple point-and-click game, so you only have to use the keyboard to control your character in Run 3 game.

To be specific, players can jump or move left and right using the arrow keys or W/ A/ D.

Tips and Tricks

  • Expanding the window to full screen allows you to embrace a better experience
  • Pay attention to the crumbling blocks since nearby blocks also fall down once you step onto them

Some Frequently Asked Questions

1. When did Run 3 Come Out?

This game was released on June 15, 2014.

2. How Many Levels Are in Run 3?

The total number of levels of Run 3 game is 309.

3. How to Beat?

The key feature that you should keep in mind in Run 3 game is the rotating platform. For that reason, every runner will need to make use of this in order to reach the destination.

  • Use W or the up arrow key to start running. While running, use A and D or the left and right arrow keys to change directions.
  • Try to avoid or jump over the numerous tubes and holes within the channel. Besides, refrain yourself from running over crumbling blocks which break into pieces.
  • When you see that the walls are clear without obstacles, then you have already finished a level.

4. How to Unlock All Characters?

Characters in Run 3

Some characters in Run 3 

In order to unlock all characters, you need to collect as many power cells as possible because this is the only way to unravel new characters.

For example, players can unlock the runner when they collect enough 500 power cells or beat the Winter game. Similarly, Skater is unlocked when you beat level 10 or have 300 power cells.

Lizard costs 600 power cells, or you will have to beat level 40, while Duplicator costs 6000 power cells.

Besides, you can unlock the Child with 2000 power cells or beat the low-power tunnel. Players will obtain Bunny once you’ve got 2000 power cells or 8 achievements.

To unlock Angel, you need to collect at least 12000 power cells whereas Student requires 10000 power cells. Likewise, Pastafarian demands 6000 power cells and Gentleman needs 2000 power cells.

5. How to Beat Level 56?

In this level, it is recommended that you make use of the lizard, which can be unlocked from level 40. This is because level 56 consists of so many crumbling locks.

In this way, you can avoid falling down once all the blocks are about to fall out.

6. How to Beat Level 65?

Level 65 still takes place in the main tunnel. Additionally, you can get over this round using Child, Bunny, or Runner.

7. How to Pass Level 40?

This level can be defeated with Bunny.

8. How to Customize the Settings?

Run 3 game includes a great theme tune with incredible graphics, thus making this game highly addictive.

On the other hand, you might want to turn off the music and sound since they make you feel annoyed when facing challenges.

In this case, you can open the setting menu, click to turn the sound off and close it.

9. Is Run 3 Free?

Yes, this game is totally free to play.

10. Where to Play Run 3?

You can explore the unblocked version of Run 3 right on this site. Have fun!

Run 3 Walkthrough

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