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Shell Shockers is an incredible survival.io game created and published by Blue Wizard Digital. The gameplay is designed with a 3D graphics filled by colorful characters and interesting maze maps. With an endless match and as a first person shooter game, Shell Shockers is definitely bringing you an addicted battlefield tonight!

About Shell Shocker Game:

Having been played by hundreds of players around the world every day, Shell Shockers is a game online .io game that you should get yourself into for at least once! Your character in Shell Shockers is an egg shell equipped with strong weapons. And your missions are defeating enemies and survive for as long as you can. Before starting the game, you are able to choose your name and a suitable weapon. The control keys are not so complicated, mostly focus on moving and shooting, and can be changed in the Settings.

After starting the game, you will see yourself appear in a large map with so many enemies around. The specialty of Shell Shockers is that you can never tell exactly what will happen next. Enemies can be at any directions, making you be aware and have to check around all the time. But notice that new players are added to the server continuously and may randomly appear at any corner. It is pretty normal if you have just checked an area, turn your back, then a new player suddenly appears behind your shell and shoot you to death. For an enemy which is too far from your position, you can press the SHIFT key to aim him. Shell Shockers’ map is a large and difficult one to survive since there is nearly no safe corner for you to hide in this 3D map.

Weapons in Shell Shockers

Weapons in Shell Shockers 

There are many kinds of weapon for you to use properly. Check the details of each one carefully to apply them correctly. Especially, for some special situations when you don’t want to have a face-to-face shot with your enemy, use grenade by pressing the Q key to kill him gently. More killing means higher position on the server’s leaderboard. After finishing a game, a tip will be shown on the screen and it may be helpful for your next matches!

Tips in Shell Shockers

You can even invite your friend to the match and fight together by sending him/her your inviting URL

Who dares to say eggs are weak? Shock them now with your professional shooting skills in Shell Shockers battlefield! The top of Shell Shockers’ leaderboard is awaited!

Shell Shockers Unblocked

Knock knock knock, here comes the Shell Shockers’ incredible Unblocked game. This Unblocked game can be found at slopex.net, a favorite gaming site of all .io fans in the world. Grab your gun and get yourself into this endless shell battle now with Shell Shockers!

How to play:

  • W/ A/ S/ D to move.
  • S/ P/ A/ C/ E bar to jump.
  • SHIFT to aim and CLICK to shoot.
  • R key to reload.
  • E key to choose weapon.
  • Q key to use grenade.

Defeat your opponents to gain points and survive as long as possible.

Tips and tricks:


l keys can be changed in Settings.

Pay attention to all directions

e your enemies may show up at anywhere and anytime.

Read the weapon’s details clearly to choose the most suitable one.

Shell Shockers is one of the most popular games on SlopeX together with games like Slope, Give Up, Robot Game and Learn to Fly 3. Shell Shockers is one of our selected .io Games.

Shell Shockers Walkthrough

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