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About game:

Snail Bob is a funny adventure point and click game created by Hunter Hamster Studio and published by Agame. Snail Bob is a game telling a story about a snail named Bob. His house was destroyed in a morning, making him homeless. Your mission in Snail Bob is to help Bob get through challenges in each stage and successfully find his new home.

There are totally 20 exciting stages that Bob must get into. He has to finish the previous one to unlock a new one by finding the way to the “Exit” point. The gameplay is controlled by mouse only. In each stage, there are many tools and feature buttons that can help Bob follow the right direction. Sometimes, dangerous traps in one stage is combined with each other, requiring players to have an efficient plan and quick clicks. You can click on Bob to make him stop and click again to let him go. This can be useful if you need more time to solve the stage traps. In addition, Bob’s moving speed can be adjusted if you want, avoid wasting your time.

Snail Bob is such a logical game for players to discover. Bob has been homeless for a long time, can you help him find his new home safely? Give Bob a hand by helping him finish all the challenges in Snail Bob!

Snail Bob Unblocked

For the players’ playing experience, Snail Bob Unblocked game has been available on SlopeX. slopex.net is a popular gaming site with many different interesting games! Join the adventure now with Snail Bob Unblocked!

How to play:

Click on Snail Bob to make him stop or move.

Click on feature buttons to help Bob go in correct direction and pass levels.

Tips and tricks:

At the beginning of each level, you can click on Bob to make him stop and try testing every feature buttons to have a plan before let Bob go.

Press the 1x/2x button or number 1/number 2 key to choose the game’s speed.


Snail Bob is amongst the most played games on SlopeX, together with games like Earn To Die 2 Unblocked, Happy Room game and Get On Top Unblocked. Snail Bob is one of our selected Point and Click Games.

Snail Bob Walkthrough

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