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About game:

Super Mario 63 is an adventure Super Mario game created by Runouw, bringing players to Mario world – one of the most popular adventure games ever. Super Mario 63 is an upgraded version from the original Mario game with different designed map and new soundtrack. A beautiful princess of the Mushroom Kingdom was caught and kept in a castle far away. Mario with the love for her is trying to get through all the challenges on his way to make a rescue.

The control keys in Super Mario 63 mainly include 4 arrow keys to move and 3 letter keys to make some actions. On the way, Mario will meet some evil mushrooms and turtles. To defeat them, Mario has to jump on them and get away since they will be recovered soon. Remember that Mario has 3 level of jump, the second jump is stronger than the first one, and the third one is the strongest. Try avoiding falling into water since the fish there can also suffer you. You have totally 5 lives. In each life, you have to pay attention to your blood bar. It shows the damage level you have suffered. Be careful while fighting to maintain your life. You can collect coins along the way to gain score for Mario.

The princess is waiting for her knight to rescue her, and Mario needs your help. Join with Mario in this journey – Super Mario 63 now!

Super Mario 63 Unblocked

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How to play:

Arrow keys to move Mario.

Z to read sign and do a ground pound.

X to do a spin attack.

C to use fludd.

Tips and tricks:

At the 2nd time you jump on the turtle, he will be pushed away. Be careful, if he crashes into you, you will be suffered.

Pay attention to your lives.

You should not fall into water, it’s hard to avoid interacting with fish.

Use the birds to fly, but it will just work for a while.

Super Mario 63 Walkthrough

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