Running with breakneck speed in a stunning 3D world of slope game is really an interesting experience. For those who are the loyal fans of slope game, having a reputable place to play this game and many other games like it anytime and anywhere they want is so necessary. Being the big fans of endless running games, we deeply understand about this demand of players. For this reason, we decided to create Slopex.net - a trusted and friendly gaming site for the slope game fans.

On Slopex.net, we provide users with the unblocked version of the Slope game, Slope Tunnel, and many other games in the endless-running category which offer the similar gameplay to Slope game. All of them are free and available to play on most of your familiar devices such as mobile, PC, and tablets. It can say that Slopex.net is a heaven for those for those who love this super cool game genre.

Our mission

Slopex.net is created to serve people who love playing endless-running games in general and slope game in particular. For this reason, we - the admin team of Slopex.net always try to optimize this site to meet well the users' demand and more. Until this time, with our efforts, we have created and offered players a gaming site with a simple and friendly interface. The speed of loading page and ads on site are also optimized to make sure that they don't make you feel any inconvenient.

Now, with more than one million active players per month, Slopex.net is a reputable gaming site and familiar place of people who love slope game.

Our team

We are a young team with just six people who are the crazy fans of endless-running games and especially slope game. We created this site to satisfy our passion with this game genre. And overall, we want to share our favorite games with people who have the same hobby and mind as us.
Our team members include: 

Camel: He is in charge of guiding all members in team.

Jodie: She is responsible for our marketing issues.

Wilson: He is a developer and in charge of all problem relating to technical.

Ann: She is our content manager.

Bonnie: He is an experienced gamer and in charge of finding new games, help Zubar in creating games idea.

Zubar: He is responsible for all problem relating to developing new games.

In order to develop this site and make it meet the demands of the users, we need your comment. In addition, if you have any problem need to discuss, please feel free to Contact Us. It is our honor to assist you!

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